Top 5 Reasons To Wear Hair Extensions
Top 5 Reasons To Wear Hair Extensions
Top 5 Reasons To Wear Hair Extensions

Are you considering wearing hair extensions, but don't know whether or not it is worth it? We can surely help with determining that!

Below, in this blog, we will list the top 5 reasons that most people wear hair extensions. Everyone knows right off top, that you'll be looking for length and awesome volume. Here are our TOP 5 reasons :

1. Volume

Confidence can sometimes be crushed if hair is thinning or spots appear from hair loss. Glam Xten Collection helps to make sure that your worries are erased with our voluminous bundles ---- All it takes is a few wefts. Our brand is perfectly fit to cater to different types of hair from thin to thick/coarse hair. 

2. Length 

Who doesn't CRAVE length?! Right. What kind of question is that? Hair extensions provide you with various lengths and styles to wear as you want. You want hair over your shoulders, or longer? Why wait? You can do just that with our extensions and the best part is that even if short hair is desired, we have you covered in those lengths TOO !! 



3. Convenience

Our Glam Xten Extensions are perfect for those "lazy" days we tend to have when hair is the last thing you think about. As long as you shampoo and condition your bundles, they will be easy to maintain. Just wake up, style and head out the door. Enjoy your extensions, BUT don't forget to show them some tender, loving care. 

4. Color

If you're one that love to explore the valley of colors, but do not want to alter or change your own, Glam Xten extensions would be the way to go. They can be styled, cut, colored, dyed, curled, braided, etc. These all can be done without making changes to your natural hair. No commitment, no problem, no damage ! 


5. Protection

If you simply need to let your hair rest or not in the mood for hair period, extensions are going to be your best friend. Opt for sew-in, wigs, or easy clip and go extensions for protective styles. 

You can achieve ANY hair style, as long as your extensions are cared for as if it is your natural hair ! Just make sure that your bundles are 100% virgin or raw and are supplied by Glam Xten Collection