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Like most, some people wonder what the hype is ALL about when it comes to TRANSPARENT lace closures, frontals, and wigs. Deciding to invest in a lace closure/frontal or wig is a crucial investment. One that we are here to help get the MOST out of ! 

The lace is more delicate and natural than the regular brown lace or swiss lace closure and frontals.It offers a better foundation which leads to better hair management. Most women like because their is not a need to bleach to reach the color of skin complexion when using this type lace.

Another GREAT thing about the transparent lace closure, frontal, and wigs is that they blend effortlessly into your scalp and skin --- swiss/regular lace does NOT. Every bit is easily UNDETECTABLE !!! With so many benefits of the transparent lace, it's no wonder why they are SO HOT in the hair industry !


Benefits Of The Transparent Lace Closure/Frontal

Matches skin complexions without bleaching

Does not have to be plucked

GREAT option for beginners

GREAT Flexibility

MORE Natural Look



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