Why Everyone Loves Frontals ?
Why Everyone Loves Frontals ?
Why Everyone Loves Frontals ?

Lace frontals and lace front wigs are becoming VERY popular today!

They were discovered years ago but was not nearly as popular because people never saw them as great assets then compared to today. 

Today, they can be cut, and customized to fit around the hair line of your head as if the hair grows directly form your head naturally. This make frontals almost impossible to detect. 


Frontal wigs are such a lifesaver when you just don't have the energy to do anything to your hair. Throw that wig over those stray hairs and style within minutes, and there.... You are on your way! 




Many people love how convenience having frontal wigs are. Curl as you like, let sit on a wig stand overnight, get up and put it on with a minimum fix, and it's just that simple. The frontals being free part frontals allow a lot of versatility when it comes to styling frontals and frontal wigs. Lace is a lot lighter (weight) when compared to regular wigs as well. That's a plus !!


Most lace front wigs don't come naturally but that does not stop the slay. Taking the very first thin line of hair and clipping down to about only an inch of hair will give off nice baby hair edges. Lace Frontals give off such a natural effect look and are so versatile and handy which is why they are so popular. Last, but not least, invest in quality hair so that you are able to have such an amazing hair experience !! 

Are you a fan of frontals? If so, what do you like BEST about them?