How To Care For Virgin Hair Hair

Starting from the moment you are ready to install your Virgin Brazilian body wave hair extensions, decisions on the best products to use or even how frequent to co-wash your bundles will be made. Please be aware that no single care regimen will be like another. When purchasing virgin hair extensions, your product comes from one donor. 
It is important to keep your extensions free from and not heavily saturated. Heavy products such as oils, mousse, or gels also are not necessary when caring for your Virgin Brazilian body wave hair extensions. Stick to the saying “less is more”.
The more product you apply to your extensions, the more you weigh down the hair itself. Anything heavier than a dime-sized amount of light serum should not be applied to your extensions unless you are doing a deep-conditioning treatment.

Co-Washing: The term “co-wash” refers to using lukewarm water and conditioner to refresh your bundles. Unlike shampooing to remove impurities, co-washing adds moisture. It is recommended that prior to installing that you co-wash your Virgin Brazilian body wave hair extensions.

To add, co-washing your bundles prior to install also offers you and your stylist a clean, fresh foundation. Remember that your product has been through several hands during the manufacturing and fulfillment process to ensure quality.

Now that you know how to care for your Glam Xten Collection Brazilian Virgin body wave hair or any virgin hair in general, you can get to the FUN part of enjoying your investment !

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