Co-wash (technique of washing hair with only conditioner) your bundles. We recommend using a moisturizing conditioner because it helps to retain the moisture in the hair. Rinse the hair thoroughly after evenly applying the conditioner throughout your bundles and let the hair air dry until installation.

During Installation
#1 Rule for Glam Xten Collection when it comes to maintenance is to treat your bundles as if they were grown from your own scalp! Shampoo your bundles but don't overdo it because even though shampoo traps oil, washing too frequently may dry your hair out. This can cause breakage. Use sulfate and alcohol-free products. These ingredients can be very damaging and lessen the life of your glamorous Glam Xten extensions.

We advise using minimal heat styling tools on our wavy and curly hair extensions as they may alter the curl pattern and overall health strands of the hair.

As you wash, shampoo, and detangle your Glam Xten Collection bundles, use a wide tooth comb once taken out or removed. Hang your extensions up in a dry area until the next installation.