What Is The Difference In Between A Lace Closure And A Lace Frontal ?



Not all lace is the same.

If you are new to lace, or any lace products and considering taking a road trip into the wonderful world of hair changes. We are so ecstatic to take this journey with you, GLAM Doll l!

Lace products allow you to achieve the look of a natural hairline by hiding it underneath the install, keeping your hair and edges protected!

With the trends and inspiration from beauty influencers constantly evolving, we find consumers wanting to also keep up with the latest trends. Whether it be a few days or a couple of weeks, lace products allow you to be easily versatile with your look. 

As women  sometimes a little switch up is needed! Why can’t I have long beautiful healthy curls AND a short blunt GLAM pink or custom colored bob?! With the help of lace products, I can. You can too!

Did you know that lace comes in many different shapes and forms?

We know. Its a big pill to swallow at once. That’s why your Glam team is here to break this down and hopefully answer all of your questions… and maybe answer a few that you didn’t even know you had. 

Types of Lace

As a GLAM Doll you have the options of purchasing swiss lace (transparent) or HD lace depending on the product. 

For example, swiss lace or transparent is thicker and more durable while HD lace is more fine and fragile. This means that HD lace allows for a more “melted” and natural look while swiss lace is known to last much longer. 

What are you thinking? Hmmmm … “I want HD.”

HD lace gives you a sense of invisible lace but it also comes with its own struggles.

Because HD lace is thinner it tends to have a much shorter wear time. Therefore, it needs to be replaced more frequently. 

So which one is “better”? It really is up to the preference of the customer. Every lace has its perks so it is important to have knowledge on which would be best for you.  

Frontal or Closure?

Our closures come in 3 different dimensions:  4x4, 5x5, and 6x6. This means that the dimensions in width and length of the lace itself are reflected by these measurements. The dimensions that are available largely depend on the texture of hair that you are purchasing at that time. Generally, all of our customers who want a closure can adjust with any of these sizes. The main difference will be the amount of parting room space available on your install. For example, the beauty of a 6x6 closure is that you can get a “frontal look” without the maintenance. If you are wanting a sleek middle part style (or even side part with our 6x6), a closure is perfect for you! Additionally, these items can be installed off center to give you a natural side part without too much maintenance. Remember! Closures are going to be less maintenance but you will receive less coverage with these items. If you are looking for something more versatile, a frontal may be your best route!

 At Glam Xten Collection our frontals come in 2 different dimensions: 13x6 and 13x4. This means that the hairline on these items will cover the entire length of your front hairline. In addition it will also reach back towards the apex of the head either 4 inches or 6 inches. The depth of your frontal largely depends on your preference and style of choice. If you are someone who prefers to have a very natural density install with a deep part, you may prefer the 13x6 Frontal as it will cover more of the head with a natural density leaving a large area for parting.

However, if you are choosing to do a very thick install with fringe you may choose a 13x4 frontal as it will leave more space for you to attach more wefts for fullness and you will not have a need to part too far back. Remember, these items typically cover the entire front hairline which will allow you to be more creative in your style. They do require daily maintenance and upkeep. Maintenance of this item can include adding adhesive (Our LOVELY Extreme or Ultra Hold Lace Glue), hairspray (Our LOVELY melting spray), and laying the edges of the lace flat with a scarf or tie of choice frequently (Our satin edge scarf). For many women, frontals can be considered high maintenance but with practice and a routine they can become addicting! Frontals are very versatile and allow a seamless, natural look. 

Lace Color

Swiss lace is available in two shades, transparent and medium brown. Transparent is more versatile of the two. HD lace is very thin and can match no matter the skin tone. 

Whether you choose Medium Brown Lace, Transparent Lace, or our HD Lace is truly up to personal preference. 

Here at Glam Xten Collection, we provide transparent, and HD. In today's hair industry and world, most hair stylists do not provide services with brown lace which has in turn, resulted in not supplying this type of lace, unfortunately.  

How to Measure

Lace items are measured when pulled straight.

After all, these items will be stretched just a tad to ensure that it looks completely flat and flush with your skin to provide a seamless “melt”.


Full lace wigs

Our full lace wigs are made with swiss lace for longevity and durability. This is a convenient go-to method in between installs and hair appointments.

Full lace wigs are the most versatile install choice yet because when achieving looks with this item, the sky is truly the limit! 


Lace Knots

Our lace products are made using a ventilation method similar to a crochet and are intended to be made to look very natural and not "wiggy". To achieve this,  the first few rows on your lace items as a GLAM Doll are single-knotted starting from the hairline and gradually become double knotted for added durability.  


Hmm ... Is Lace Really For Me?

Every GLAM Doll should experience lace at least once. Why? Because we want you to achieve looks that leave-out cannot do! You are meant to stand out. 

 With all of the trends and inspiration from influencers and hair bloggers, we also want you to keep up with the latest trends. Whether it be for a day or a few weeks, lace products allow you to be easily versatile with your look and keep your hair protected.

Lace items are rare due to their high demand and low supply. This means, when the item you need is in stock – get it now! They rarely are marked down in pricing for this reason.


Make sure to tag us in your next hair adventure! We cannot wait to see your new GLAM Doll look using our hair and lace products. 

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